Tightening the Screws

1.1 Hot End Set Screws

Over time and heat cycling of the AON-M2 the set screw keeping the cooling block in position in the probe can loosen. To prevent this from happening, tighten the set screw on the left side of the probe assembly with a 2mm Allen Key. Make sure that the top of the cooling block is even with the aluminum plate of the probe assembly as seen below. That ensures that the nozzle is the right distance from the plate for movements and probing. 

The green arrow points to the set screw, and the red arrow shows the cooling block flush with the bottom plate of the probe.

1.2 Limit Switch Screws

Over time and heat cycling of the AON-M2 the screws connecting the limit switches to their brackets start to back off. This may result in the inter layer shifting of a dual head print, or needing to change the offset frequently without changing the bed or chamber temperature once it's stable. 

Tighten the screws on the front of the probe mechanism using a #0 philips head screwdriver. The switch should not move when you try to wiggle it. The location of the screws to tighten are shown below. 

Screws to tighten on the probe switch.

Do not over tighten the switch. Over-tightening may damage the switch.

To ensure that the screws are not over-tightened, press the white button on the switch and listen to the sound it makes. The switch should make a click as the white button is pressed in and as it comes out. If the switch is over-tightened, there will be a delay for the second click after the white button is released.

This should also be done on the Y, and Z endstops occasionally.

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